Biostevera fields are in la Vera, Extremadura, Spain.

This área has a microclimate that has similar characteristics to the origin of the plant in Paraguay, warm semi-humid climate.

We have 35ha of stevia on land from associated farmers, who see organic stevia as a future alternative crop and as complement to the ones existing in the área.

This región, has an enormous potential, since it has 15.000ha of irrigated land. The implementation of organic stevia cultivation in the region will mean a transformation of the comercial profit, adding value to the productions, contribuiting to increase the sustainability of the enviroment, throught a quality production that meets the demand of Central European market.

The main goal of the company is to make the crops profitable, transforming the cultivation from conventional to organic.


The company is formed in 2012, with partners from different backgrounds, brought together by a common intuition, of suistanable, social and organic Project.

The objectives of the company are, on the one hand, the production of a product alternative to sugar, which benefits the consumer’s health, and, on the other hand, to transform step by step, the agricultura culture of the región of La Vera, from the base into an organic management of the fields.

The production is meant to UE Market, connecting through them, the farmer with a demanding consumer in terms of health, enviroment and sustainability, which means a consumer concerned with the management of the fields.

We want to be a referent of sustainability and “Green” initiative from Central Europe. As we integrate in the Project, farmer, promoter and final consumer.


Biostevera has a drying capacity of 100tn and 200tn of processing.


The planting of stevia in La Vera, takes place on April, depending on the spring rains.


In this area Stevia is harvested 2 times per season.


The plant has to be dried, destemmed and processed by different sieves.


Finally we obtain stevia, either in whole, fragmented, leaves, TBC, powder or Stevia Instant.